• item no. 00264
    item no. 00264
    electrically conductive FIBC lifting loop
  • item no. 00031
    item no. 00031
    FIBC tie tape
  • item no. 00580
    item no. 00580
    lashing tape
  • item no. 00364
    item no. 00364
    egg conveyor belt
  • item no. 00051
    item no. 00051
    tree tying belt
  • item no. 00813
    item no. 00813
    textile assembly tape

Webbing tailored to your requirements

As a manufacturer and supplier of industrial webbing straps, tapes, belts and ropes, ALATEX looks back on more than 60 years of experience. The family-owned company, headquartered in Germany, produces its webbing on the basis of polypropylene and serves a broad range of industries.

The company’s products find their applications in the packaging industry, in agriculture, load securing, gardening, landscaping and housing construction, furniture manufacturing, sports and many other industrial fields.

ALATEX has specialized in developing customer-focused solutions and can therefore offer a wide range of narrow webbing.