belts for slatted frames

a matching belt for every slatted frame

A slatted belt, also known as a middle belt, stabilizes the entire slatted frame by reliably connecting the transverse slats with one another. The pressure on the slatted frame exerted by a body’s weight is distributed evenly across the slats. As a result, the slatted belt helps to achieve better rebounding. In addition to delivering greater load capacity, the positive benefit for users is, above all, a comfortable and ergonomic lying position.

The product range of ALATEX contains belts for a variety of frames with different numbers of slats, in the usual lengths and sizes. They are made of durable polypropylene and are either without handle, with handle, or with an open hand loop (see above, from left to right).

Since the entire range of belts for slatted frames can not be shown here, further variants can be obtained from ALATEX. For large orders, ALATEX manufactures according to customer requirements, so that special designs are also possible.